Smart Booking

Smart Booking

Web-based facilities booking solution

Easily set up your online booking platform! Facilitate 24/7 online bookings and payments. Suitable for conference rooms, co-working spaces, hotels, clubhouses, gym rooms, studios and more. 

Maximize facilities usage rate

While users can check the availability and book the facilities by themselves, business owners can refer to the usage report and make smarter decisions on resource allocation.

What can you do with Smart Booking? 

24/7 Online Booking

Smart Access

QR Code Access 

Booking Rules

Smart Booking

Orders & Payment

Smart Access

Records & Reports

Smart Booking


24/7 online booking 

Your target customers can access the webpage and reserve rooms by selecting the date and facility categories like types of rooms, equipment, etc.

Booking Solutions
Booking Solutions

QR code for self-service access

Integrating Smart Booking with Smart Access allows your facility users to access their reserved rooms by QR code without onsite support.


Set booking rules

You can change the booking rules of your facilities, such as the maximum capacity of a room, time slot’s length (i.e. 30 mins or 1 hour), buffer time for pre-meeting or post-meeting access etc.

Manage orders and payments

Your customers can settle booking fees by popular e-payment methods (i.e. Stripe or others) or prepaid tokens to confirm bookings.

Booking records & reports

All booking records will be logged in the web-based system. You can monitor and export the data for business analysis purposes.

Connect with our membership system

Your customers can sign in again to check upcoming or past booking records. Retain relationships with your members to increase repurchase rate.

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