Smart Booking

Web-based booking system

Online Facility Booking

Smart Booking allows users to set up a 24/7 online booking platform easily. It is suitable for offices, co-working spaces, clubhouses and other places that promote self-service business.

Demo Website Package

Booking Website


By filtering and searching, users can access the booking page and review the description of each booking item.


After selecting the booking item, users can check the price and availability before making an order.


All the desired booking items will be saved in the shopping cart. Users can edit or cancel the booking anytime.


Users can choose to complete the payment by credit card and SVFs. Promotion code or tokens can be applied in order to receive discount.

Smart Display App

Smart Display is a add-on integration that makes booking process complete. 

Booking Schedule

Users can check the booking status and schedule of facilities in the tablet.

Start Booking

By scanning the unique QR code for each facility, users can access the booking website and start reserving the facility.

Admin Panel


Overall Booking Information


Add & Edit User Information


Facility Items Filtering


Add & Edit Booking Items


Duration, Price and Availability


Date & User Information


Members Pricing Levels


Attach Booking Add-on Items

Email Template

Confirmation & Cancellation


Ready-made Templates

Product Advantanges

Smart Booking
enables systematic office administration

All the access & booking records are logged in the AMS portal. Admin staff can login to the portal to check real-time statistics, review the history records, and export user reports for further analysis.

Smart Booking
enables efficient resources management

Room availability and future schedules are shown in the booking website, ensuring optimal utilization of company resources and avoid double bookings.

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