Our client launched a new co-working space for their members and provide various facilities, tools and services to encourage and support the development of the jewelry manufacturing industry. They need a membership app with QR code to facilitate booking process & check-in for onsite verification. 


  • Only 1-2 onsite staff to handle booking & visitor verification process
  • 3 membership types with various fees, privileges & benefits
  • No centralized system to handle members & access records
  • Minimize amount of hand-written or printed documents
  • Digitize member card & operation flows to reduce human efforts
  • Leverage existing website for membership application


Membership enrolment web-app

Online application form for individual & student members 

Member app

  • Receive an email with app log-in details after successful application
  • Membership QR Code & virtual passes for access
  • Member’s visit and day pass records with expiry dates
  • News & announcements with push notifications

Staff scanner app

  • Install on Android device as a QR code scanner
  • Scan member QR code for onsite verification
  • Take attendance for using reserved facilities 

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Membership management for three types of members
  • Approval & email notification features
  • Monitor member access records & download report 


  • New web-app URL added to the existing corporate website for member applications

  • Simple approval flow to confirm online application with notification to new members

  • Identify membership types & handle booking effectively

  • Streamlined onsite verification check-in process by scanning QR code only

  • Centralized platform to monitor access records anywhere with network

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