Our client is a quickly expanding mini-storage company based in Hong Kong. They are opening multiple sites across various locations at Kowloon, New Territories & Hong Kong Island to serve the demand of asset storage to save living & office space.


  • No receptionist for 24/7 service for space rental & urgent request
  • High security standard is needed to safeguard customers’ assets
  • Existing hardware set does not allow integration with software
  • +100 doors for each site located in various districts


IoT Hardware Installation

  • Customized software with API that allow opening doors by scanning QR codes
  • Generate QR code with usage time limit to unlock main entrance & specific locker
  • Install QR code scanner & IoT controller to enable unlocking doors through network

Smart Access Mobile App

  • Access entrance and lockers with App or QR Code
  • QR code’s valid time and usage times can be set

Cloud-based Admin Panel

  • Create and manage Users
  • Monitor and download access records
  • Receive auto email notification if any abnormal activities occur


  • Enabled self-serve rental of storage through mobile device anytime
  • Allow requests to access storage anytime without customer services
  • Single admin panel to manage & monitor access data of doors at multiple sites
  • Enabled 24/7 unmanned business with the least staff to handle admin work

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