Our client is one of the largest international chambers in Hong Kong and serves as a platform for networking, information, and advocacy for all its members. They need to implement a QR Code access control system – Smart Access for their staff & visitors. 


  • Install a cloud-based access control system & use a QR code to open an automatic door
  • Integrate with existing CLP system with IoT solution to control the door – open/ closure
  • No centralized system to handle access records


Smart Access Mobile app

  • QR code & virtual pass for access
  • Access records

System integration & IoT solution

  • Installed QR code scanner at the main entrance next to the automatic door
  • Open the door after scanning the verified QR Code
  • Auto sync of access data to admin panel for real-time report
  • Integrate with the CLP system & IoT controller

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Dashboard shows the status of the main entrance door – open/ closed
  • Generate & deactivate QR codes
  • Centralize all access records – sortable & filterable by dates & names
  • Allow export/ download of records in CSV/ excel format


  • Enable to control access of an automatic door with a QR code
  • Modernized office with the latest way of access by QR code & mobile app
  • Eliminated human efforts in handling the in/ out records
  • Monitor real-time data – HR can check attendance anywhere with a network

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