Our client is a residential building in Macau. They are going to revamp the whole building by infusing innovative technology into property. Therefore, they are looking for a total solution that can make residents’ lives convenient and reduce human efforts in handling administrative work.


  • Unable to speed up the resident verification process in lobby with traditional access control solution
  • Unable to simplify the visitor registration process
  • Large labour cost as onsite staff are assigned in the lobby
  • Unable to have real-time monitoring and tracking of user access record
  • Potential security risks due to the leak of traditional key cards or password panel
  • Unable to prohibit unauthorized access with traditional visitor registration procedureĀ 


IoT Hardware

  • Install QR code scanner, door locks, and IoT controller in lobby to simplify resident access

Resident App

  • Activate dynamic profile QR code for security purposes
  • Generate visitor QR code by residents to speed up onsite visitor management process
  • Communicate with visitor via video intercom
  • Identify visitorsā€™ identity via video intercom
  • Make appointment for facility in App

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Create and edit resident profiles
  • Create and edit booking facilities
  • Check and export all access & booking records within the building
  • Approve or reject online payment for booking fee
  • Publish news & noticesĀ 



  • Scan dynamic profile QR code or use virtual button (Bluetooth) to verify identity and gain door access
  • Generate temporary QR code for guests in Resident App
  • Reserve booking items in App , anytime and anywhere
  • Identify visitorsā€™ identity via video intercomĀ 


  • Save onsite registration time by receiving temporary QR code before the visit
  • Scan the temporary QR code to reach specific floor

Management Team

  • Save labour cost as onsite receptionist is not a must
  • Increase residentsā€™ satisfaction
  • Monitor the real-time access & booking recordsĀ 

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