Smart Access

Cloud-based QR code access control system

Gain Self-access with QR code

Smart Access allows users to scan QR code or use virtual button to unlock doors; Staff can manage access rights and logs for enterprises, schools, buildings, or even outdoor areas remotely via admin panel.

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Smart Access App

Dynamic Profile QR Code

The profile QR code can be used as a staff badge or member card to gain door access in buildings. It will be automatically refreshed for security purpose.

General Visitor Form

Users can either create a temporary QR code for the guests, or create a general visitor form to ask for required visitors’ information prior to their arrival.

QR Code Records

All the temporary QR code records will be stored in the App. Users can copy or share the QR code to the guests easily.

Remote Unlock

In addition to scanning profile QR code, users can slide the virtual button to open the door remotely.

Portable Scanner

The Smart Access App can used as a QR code scanner to verify users and visitors identity.

Smart Display App

Smart Display is a add-on integration that maximizes the effectiveness of Smart Access. 

QR Code Scanning

The Smart Display App acts as a portable QR code scanner. Staff can verify guests identity by scanning their visitor QR code.

Video Intercom

In addition to pressing the doorbell, guests can have instant video call with the staff via video intercom system. Staff can help unlock the door remotely once the guest identity is confirmed.

Admin Panel


Daily Visual Data

Company User

Door Permission Settings

Company Door

Create Door Special Rulesets

QR Code

Create User & Visitor QR Code


Create Push Notifications

Access Log

Access Records

Attendance Log

User Attendance Records


Ready-to-use Templates

Visitor Form

Add, Review & Edit Visitor Form


Edit Company Config

Hardware Integration

Smart Access supports various hardware integrations via high-level (API) or low-level Integration (dry contact). Users are able to gain access to different types of doors by scanning the QR code or using NFC card.

Automatic Door


Electric Gate

Product Advantanges

Smart Access
reduces time on visitor registration

Visitors can fill in the e-registration form and receive the temporary visitor QR code prior to arrival. Onsite registration time can therefore be reduced.

Smart Access
reduces unnecessary manpower cost

Both visitors and staff can use the unique QR code to gain self access without the help of the receptionist. Manpower cost can therefore be reduced.

Smart Access
saves much of the time to handle attendance records

All the access and attendance logs will be synchronized with the cloud, allowing the staff to review and download reports in the admin panel anytime.

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