Smart Access

Smart Access

Cloud-based QR code access control solution

Unlock doors with a dynamic QR code from Smart Access App or a temporary QR code from the host. Manage access rights and logs for enterprises, schools, buildings, or even outdoor areas remotely via Admin Management System.

QR Code Access Control - Smart Access
QR Code Access Control - Smart Access
Smart Access

Simplify and accelerate the visitor management process

Simply generate a unique and temporary QR code for visitors beforehand and they will be permitted to enter designated areas after being verified.

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Smart Access installed on a mobile phone can be used as an identification – as staff badge or member card. Your staff or members can use their profile QR code to access your office or facilities freely with permissions.


Allow visitors to access the site with a temporary QR code. You can control the effective date, time, and usage count for the QR code.  Visitors can add the QR code to their e-wallet or calendar for easy use.

Smart Access


Connect CCTV or video intercom with Smart Access app to see real-time visitor’s face and talk to them via your mobile device. You can check visitors’ identities and unlock doors remotely anywhere with network.


This is a list of temporary QR codes you’ve created for different visitors to access your sites. You can share QR codes via email or instant messengers, or disable them for security reasons. Visitors can add the QR code to their e-wallet or calendar for convenient use.


Export valid documents like user access reports, attendance reports, and QR code reports from the master access log with just a single click.


Set door rules and grant users door access rights in the  admin panel to restrict unauthorized entry.


Connect with other NineSmart Modules such as Booking, Display or Event RSVP to help you automate and transform your operations to a self-service model! 

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