Our client opened a brand new self-service music studio for their members where located in the core area of Kowloon during the pandemic. They need a cloud-based QR Code access control system – Smart Access & online booking system – Smart Booking for their customers to do easy reservations with e-payment & get QR codes for onsite verification.


– Avoid face-to-face verification under the pandemic
– Only members could book the studio – website membership application
– No receptionist for onsite booking, payment & verification
– Simplify the flow of online booking & visitor self-verification process
– Need a centralized system to handle members’ online booking & access records
– Set up access control at the main entrance


Web app & booking system – Smart Booking
– Information about the music studio
– Online membership registration 
– Select time slots & dates for bookings
– e-Payment method for booking – credit cards or tokens

Hardware installation
– QR Code & NFC scanner – install at main entrance
– Allow scanning QR code by scanner installed at entrance for access
– Auto sync of access data to admin panel for real-time report

Smart Access mobile app – Staff Use 
– Generate & deactivate temporary QR codes
– Alternative method aside from QR Code verification
– Remote unlock door

Cloud based admin panel
– Manage member details & bookings
– Generate & deactivate QR codes for users
– Manage tokens & transaction records
– Monitor & download access reports
– View real-time status anywhere with internet & access permission


– Optimized user booking & payment flow with web app
– Reduced the risk of getting infected – avoided face-to-face verification
– Enabled self-serve access without staff support
– Centralized platform to monitor booking & access records anywhere with network


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