At the Main Entrance

  • Scan QR code or use Bluetooth to unlock doors
  • Scan QR code or use Bluetooth to open mailbox
  • Verify visitors’ identity by video intercom

At the Lift Lobby

  • Use a virtual button (Bluetooth) to call elevator
  • Scan QR code to reach specific floors

At the Clubhouse Lobby

  • Complete visitor registration in self-service kiosk
  • Make bookings for clubhouse facilities
  • Finish the payment for the bookings

Inside the Clubhouse

  • Reserve facilities online & make e-payment
  • Scan QR code to open smart lockers
  • Scan QR code or use Bluetooth to enter facilities

Other Functions

Create Visitor QR Code

Residents can create temporary QR code for their friends. Visitor with valid QR code can access the buildings by themselves.

Publish News & Notices

Property staff can create news and notice in the admin panel. Residents will receive push notifications when the news is announced.

Admin Panel


Daily Visual Data


Order Status & Information

Facility Settings

Add & Edit Booking Items


Create News & Notices


Add & Edit Residents Account


General Configuration

Product Advantages

Smart Residence
brings innovative and immersive living experience

Residents can manage all their community-related matters through our comprehensive all-in-one Residence App.

Smart Residence
makes property management
efficient and convenient

Property officer can review and make changes to all the resident settings in the admin panel. Besides, the “Notice” function facilitates centralized communication.

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