Our customer, an institution for tertiary and continuing education located in Hong Kong, requires a QR code entry control system for their education center during non-office hours, which employs part-time staff.


  • Secured entrances which are accessible solely by keys or passwords
  • Passwords are changed frequently
  • No on-site personnel after the center closes
  • No fixed work hours for part time staffs making it challenging to distribute keys
  • No attendance monitoring system for non-teaching personnel.


Smart Access – QR Code Scanner

  • Install a 2-in-1 scanner (QR code & NFC) in the main entrance
  • Scan the QR code or use the NFC card to check in and gain door access
  • Doors remain unlocked throughout office hours
  • Access data is automatically synchronized with the reports in the admin panel

Smart Access – Mobile Application

  • Generate or deactivate staff QR codes
  • Slide the virtual button to unlock door remotely
  • Review access records

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Manage staff details and schedules
  • Arrange work schedule for both full time and part time staff
  • Generate, activate or deactivate staff QR codes
  • Review real-time access data and generate access reports


  • Staff can gain door access by secured QR code or access card
  • Only the QR codes with valid date and time can unlock doors, which is able to restrict unauthorized access
  • Allow real-time data monitoring in cloud admin panel for business analytics

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