Our client is a local educational institution that intakes around 90,000 enrolments a year and operates 10 campuses spread across Hong Kong. In order to enhance COVID-19 control measures, the educational institution implements a check-in system to check all persons entering the campus are fully vaccinated or have been tested negative within a period of time.

They implemented a registration system to let the staff, teachers and students upload the proof of vaccination or COVID test report. After the completion of the registration process, registered persons will receive a Pass with QR Code. The educational institution needs a display to scan the QR Code in order to let all registered persons check in and access the campuses.


  • Comply with new policy – only to let in students, teachers and staff who are vaccinated
  • Extra manpower needed to verify identity one by one during peak hours
  • Monitor & manage check-in and access records of over 50 remote entrances located in various districts
  • Need easy and quick installation of hardware & start using it as soon as possible
  • Implement a check-in system and access control with existing system integration 


QR code scanning app for tablets

  • Simple UI for users to scan their QR code by the device camera
  • Display users’ details or access right for self-serve check-in with sound effects
  • Display welcome message when not in use

Customized solution

  • Integrate with the existing registration system
  • Customized welcome message and user interface (UI)

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Generate QR code with basic details for verification
  • Collect all check-in and access data from different locations
  • Allow export of check-in and access data in excel/ CSV format


  • Shortened implementation time – hardware & systems can be used in weeks
  • Handle the large flow of visitors during peaks hours
  • Self-serve check-in system reduces man-power to be used for onsite verification
  • Improved verification and access flow and productivity
  • Quickly comply with new regulations
  • QR codes can be generated or disabled instantly via the admin panel for security

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