QR Code Access Control - Smart Access

Access with QR Code

Smart Access

Award-winning cloud-based QR code access control system

Unlock doors by mobile app or QR code. Versatile cloud-based access control system for access & attendance management.

QR Code Access Control - Smart Access
QR Code Access Control - Smart Access
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Smart Access QR Code Access Control - Smart Access
IoT Device
Smart booking

Book Facilities Online

Smart Booking

Smart Access Add-on Feature

Reserve rooms or equipment online & settle charges by e-payment methods. Monitor booking status through web-based admin panel.

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Digital Display for Check-in

Smart Access Display

Smart Access Add-on Hardware

Install tablets outside entrances that scan QR code and display basic info for check-in. Suitable for large crowds arriving at peak hours.

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IoT Device

Fit Your Needs

Customised IoT Solution

Provide cloud-based IoT nodes, standardize different protocols & data format to allow control of various IoT devices by one application only. 

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Open API Available

Systems Integration

Ready-to-use API for integration with other 3rd party systems. Provide source of doorware with installation service to upgrade your system.

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QR Code Access Control
IoT Network Infrastructure & Application Development Expert

IoT Network Infrastructure & Application Development to Connect IoT Devices

NineSmart is devoted to bringing IoT into use with open API, enabling organisations to control various IoT devices with different protocols through network and a single application.

We help organisations plan network infrastructure, standardise protocols, data format and develop applications i.e. web portal or mobile app, to centralise control of all IoT devices into one application, and enable monitoring and management of all data on a single web-based admin panel.

Besides, we offer ready-to-use products with API – Smart Access, Smart Booking and VMS that help companies quickly adopt cloud-based systems to manage routine or temporary access with QR code or app, to smoothen people flow and enable remote management of access data and booking records.

Gain Benefits from NineSmart Solutions & Products

Maximise Facilities Usage Rate

Real-time Devices & Data Monitoring

Centralised & Remote Management

Standardise Data Format for Insight

Minimise Cost, Energy & Manpower 


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