Our client is a new residential building in Southern District. They are looking for a one-stop IoT solution that can facilitate residents’ access and booking within the building.


  • Unable to find a solution that can reduce unnecessary manpower for access management
  • Unable to simplify the visitor registration process and maintain the security level at the same time
  • Lack a cloud system to monitor and track user access record
  • Look for a vendor that can support high level of customization and provide software & hardware maintenance at the same time.


IoT Implementation

  • Install QR code scanner in the Kiosk outside the lobby to simplify resident access
  • Install QR code scanner in the lift to restrict visitor access to unauthorized floors

Resident App

  • Activate dynamic profile QR code for security purposes
  • Generate visitor QR code by residents to speed up onsite visitor management process
  • Get push notification when receiving video call from the visitor
  • Support both Chinese and English version

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Limit the number of QR codes to be created by residents within a day
  • Set periodic QR code for visitors
  • Create and modify staff role
  • Create and modify resident account
  • Check and export all access record within the building



  • Use QR code or bluetooth to gain access to door, mailbox and lift
  • Generate temporary visitor QR code in Resident App
  • Book facilities and make e-payment in Resident App 


  • Save onsite registration time by receiving temporary QR code before the visit or
  • Have 2-way communication with residents using video intercom
  • Scan the QR code in the lift to reach specific floor

Receptionist & Admin

  • Speed up resident verification process
  • Reduce effort on visitor registration
  • Monitor the real-time access record

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