Our client is one of the global leading providers of infrastructure construction services. They have construction sites located in a closed area on HZMB Artificial Island. The workers need to have a valid closed area permit (CAP- QR code) to enter the sites. Our client also needs to submit attendance records to the public authority. 


  • Illegible handwritten records to take attendance – not accepted by HKPF
  • Manage & compile in/out records for 7 remote entrances for daily submission
  • No electricity & network in construction sites
  • No buildings or walls for installing scanner to scan QR codes on CAP
  • More than 150 workers access the sites at the same time


Smart Access mobile app QR code scanner

  • Smart Access mobile app devices to scan & read existing QR codes
  • Pop-up user profile with photo for onsite quick verification
  • Auto sync access records to admin panel with network (SIM card)
  • Sound alert for expired/ invalid CAP QR code scanned

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Centralize all access records – sortable & filterable by dates & names
  • Allow export/ download of records in csv/ excel format
  • Auto highlight abnormal in/out records
  • Auto email daily reports to assigned email addresses


  • Streamlined onsite check-in process, shorten verification & waiting time
  • Digitized & standardized reports for submission to Government bodies
  • Eliminate human efforts on handling access records for 7 remote entrances
  • Solved electricity & network problem by using chargeable mobile devices & SIM
  • Allow import of new QR codes (CAP) to add new staff details to system

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