Visitor Management System

NineSmart Solutions

Improve customer experience

NineSmart Solutions (NSS) suggest ways to simplify business processes and reduce human effort by providing solutions for QR code access control, booking, event RSVP management, and residential access management.

Designed for various business scenarios

NineSmart Solutions are as flexible as you think. It can be adapted to different scenarios including offices, mini-storages, co-working spaces, private housing, clubhouses, hotels, schools, gyms, clinics, recreation centers or even outdoor areas!

Visitor Management System

NineSmart Modules

Why you need NineSmart Solutions?

Enable self-service business

With NineSmart IoT solutions, you can handle visitor management and room booking remotely in order to reduce manpower costs.

Reducing Manual Work

Our built-in report templates are just a click away in the admin panel. Start generating reports automatically to prevent human errors and save time costs.

Streamline Systems Integrations

Our solutions provide open APIs which makes integration with third-party software possible. Fuse our solutions into your existing environment to fully unleash the potential of IoT.

Where to adopt?