Our client launched a new co-working space and office with facilities such as meeting rooms & smart lockers for their members. They need a comprehensive Visitor Management Solution (VMS) with a mobile app for end-users to reserve facilities with an e-payment feature, a system for staff to monitor booking & access status.


  • No receptionist for onsite booking, payment & verification
  • Allow free access within booking time only
  • Limit number of facility users within a specific period
  • Lock & open lockers without padlocks or keys
  • Long-hour lighting without users that waste power & cost


Booking app for members

  • Select facility, time slot & date for booking
  • Invite non-members & mark their calendars
  • Member QR code for identification & access to doors
  • Accept e-payment – credit cards or tokens 

IoT implementation

Allow booking of smart lockers & unlock with QR code

Cloud-based admin panel

  • Manage member details, bookings & facilities
  • Generate & deactivate QR codes
  • Manage tokens & transaction records
  • Monitor & download access records
  • Dashboard for overviews with reports
  • Auto email notifications for abnormal activities


  • Optimized user booking & payment flow with app
  • Enabled 24/7 self-serve access without staff support
  • Save manpower by auto verification with member QR code
  • Enhanced security for storage of personal belongings

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