Our client is a newly opened gym room with 5 locations in Hong Kong just in a year. The gym room offers gym equipment, one on one personal training and group exercise courses etc. They need a mobile app for their personal trainers to record the attendance of the trainees and a system for staff to monitor the attendance status and the remaining time of the package plan.


Smart Access Mobile App Attendance System 


– Time-consuming manual attendance recording
– Multi-locations attendance data management
– Limit number of trainees within a specific period
– Complicated calculation of package plan


Smart Access Mobile App
Scan QR Code and show basic info of the trainees
Slide to record the attendance
One hour of the class section will be calculated for one slide

Cloud-based Admin Panel
Dashboard with attendance overview
Manage the information of the trainers and trainees
Monitor and download attendance records


Optimized user experience and flow of attendance
Reduced the risk of human error in data entry
Improved the management of attendance to further follow-up
Enabled real-time attendance records and report


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