Business Scenarios of Access Control System and Human Resources System – Logistics

access control system

In the previous article, we mentioned that integrating the access control system with the human resource system can bring higher benefits to every industry, including improving the delivery procedures within logistics companies and enhancing its operational efficiency, which will be discussed in details down below.


With the utilization of the human resource system, the logistics company can effectively organize its manpower and send related QR codes to the employees automatically. Meanwhile, mobile or fixed scanners will be set up in the warehouse. Through the Human Resources App, staff can receive push notifications, as well as check their work assignments, time, and location. They can use the QR codes to enter and exit the designated warehouse, obtain the shipment and begin to deliver. This allows managers to monitor employee attendance records, and accurately record their time of shipment pickup and delivery, thereby minimizing any loss and reducing flow of people in the warehouse.


While delivering the packages, employees can check their worklist on the HR App, as well as check in through GPS, upload pictures or receipts as the proof of their arrivals. Managers can also track shipment progress at any time, which helps reduce employee laziness, speed up the entire delivery and increase the customers’ satisfaction. Additionally, this app can help avoid making mistakes in the salary settlement, with staff being able to review their personal attendance records. 


To conclude, integrating the access control and human resource systems can help the logistics companies manage employee attendance more effectively. It also improves operational efficiency and delivery speed. In the next article, we will discuss the application of access control and manpower systems in other industries.