Business Scenarios of Access Control System and Human Resources System – Construction Site

access control system

What kind of application can the integration of the access control and human resource systems have in the construction industry, and what impact will this integration have on construction companies and their employees? We will answer these questions in the following texts. 


Managing attendance security and employee information can be challenging in the construction industry, due to the multiple entrances in the site, a large number of workers and visitors, as well as a lack of electricity and network connectivity. Nevertheless, the HR system can be a tool of assistance by recording employee information. Once the workforce is deployed via an editing system, workers can receive relevant QR codes, which they can scan using the HR App on their mobile devices, without requiring additional power and network connectivity for the access control system. This helps construction companies save expenses on card readers and magnetic cards. With the HR App, workers can check their work location and time. They can also receive QR codes for entering and exiting the construction site at specific duration of time, accurately recording their attendance time. Additionally, the system can keep unauthorized personnel out of the site area, thereby preventing any accidents. 


To ensure the worker safety, managers can monitor site entry and exit records in real-time through the system background. In case a worker fails to use the QR code in the HR App and access control system for entering or leaving, the system will immediately send out a reminder. This allows managers to make arrangements to check the relevant staff’s safety status straight away. If a worker is in danger, the HR App can also be used to access the employees’ information and confirm their identities. At the same time, it ensures the companies can complete the project within the time limit. On the other hand, workers can receive push notifications from the HR App, providing them instant access to important information.


By using a QR code access control system, construction companies can prevent workers from falsely clocking in and calculate the salary accurately. Therefore, the integration of access control and human resource systems can effectively manage employee attendance records and improve overall company efficiency while ensuring worker safety.