How Can Companies Use Access Control Systems to Enhance Human Resources Management?

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The integration of the access control and human resources management systems

Many enterprises use human resource management systems (HRM) to handle various employee-related tasks, such as attendance, rescheduling, leave, reimbursement, commission, salary, tax and other calculations, and data storage. Meanwhile, the mobile application of the human resource management system (HR App) streamlines these procedures. Because of the popularization of innovative technology and digital transformation, lots of enterprises integrate access control systems with their employees’ attendance records, leading to accurate attendance records and automatic clock-in. This helps eliminate manual data entry, reduce HR workloads and avoid any salary errors caused by manual calculations. 

The advantages of using the access control system and HR app

Traditional access control systems that use cards for access can cause issues like lost or forgotten cards, and punch in for other colleagues, which increases HR workload and damages company property by chance. In contrast, the current systems use GPS positioning, online clock-in, mobile apps and face recognition for access, providing more convenience and security for the employees. A complete HR App with full functionality enables employees to clock in, check attendance records, reimburse expenses, and apply for leave easily. Staff can also receive push notifications and obtain company information in real time. As for the company managers, they can check employee status and make real-time adjustments. This integration of access control and human resource systems can further improve the management efficiency of enterprises. 

Applicable industries for access control and human resource systems

Property management companies, logistics companies, large enterprises and construction sites often use both human resource management and access control systems simultaneously to improve their business operations. Integrating the systems can help the logistics companies speed up the delivery by streamlining staff arrangements and warehouse access. Except employee attendance, other records can be output into various reports which helps the companies analyze and manage employees. This improves delivery speed, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With the advantages of the human resource system itself, such an integration can generate even greater benefits.

The integration of access control and human resource systems can bring different benefits in various industries. NineSmart will introduce them to you one by one!