NineSmart’s episode on Invest Smarter (智富通) of ViuTV now available on our YouTube Channel!


NineSmart is honored to have participated in the filming of the renowned financial TV program “Invest Smarter” on ViuTV. Please visit our YouTube channel to rewatch the program.

NineSmart’s IoT smart access control system utilizes cloud technology and QR codes to provide customers with secure and convenient access management solutions. With the impact of the pandemic on people’s lifestyles, we have realized that individuals want to minimize direct contact with the external environment to avoid contact with bacteria in their daily movements and elevator usage.

Therefore, the NineSmart R&D team has developed a cloud-based access control system to assist businesses in implementing more flexible management models while monitoring employees’ access records. Employees can use our app Smart Access, which includes a dedicated QR code that refreshes periodically. When entering or exiting the office, the QR code is scanned and verified, and the relevant data is synchronized to the cloud database. Management can remotely oversee the company, whether at home or in the office, through mobile devices to view all access records and export reports to aid attendance tracking.

Our IoT cloud access control system is not only applicable to office or shared space scenarios. It can also be widely used in co-working spaces, clubhouses, residential properties and other venues. Visitors or members can use the profile QR code on the app, which contains basic user information for convenient access. We also offer modules such as booking systems and e-payment gateways that can be added on top according to specific requirements to achieve unmanned operations. Furthermore, our latest technology allows users to receive notifications on their mobile devices when someone presses the virtual doorbell. By opening the app, users can view the visitor’s face in real-time and remotely unlock the door by swiping a button on the app.

NineSmart is committed to leading innovation and providing advanced smart access control solutions to bring customers a more convenient and secure living and working experience. We believe that this revolutionary cloud-based QR code access control system holds endless potential and convenience for businesses and communities.