NineSmart and AUB Collaborate to Create a New Self-Service Access Experience!

NineSmart and AUB join hands to integrate several AUB gates with the NineSmart system, allowing users to open various doors and gates by scanning QR codes. This product utilizes NineSmart’s open API, enabling integration with different hardware and systems to achieve IoT applications. Users simply need to install a mobile application on their phones to control different IoT devices, eliminating the need for traditional keys or cards.

This technology aims to enhance user convenience and security while reducing management costs and resource wastage. Users can easily configure different access permissions and time restrictions through the mobile app, as well as view door opening records and statistical data.

NineSmart will continue to optimize the IoT solutions, bringing users a more efficient and expedient living experience. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about NineSmart!