Smart Access – new demo video with latest features

Introducing the Latest Features and Solution Demo of Smart Access.

NineSmart has released a new video showcasing the latest features of our Smart Access. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch it now!


Video Intercom

With the Smart Access app, engage in video and voice calls with visitors. Once the user verifies the identity of the visitor, simply slide the button on your smartphone to remotely unlock the door, allowing the visitor to enter without the need for reception staff to confirm their identity again.

Adding QR Codes to Calendar & E-Wallet

Create visitor QR codes within the Smart Access app. These QR codes will be used for accessing specific doors or facilities. Visitors can easily add the QR code to their calendar and e-wallet, providing a convenient way to manage visitor access and operations.

Discover how our intelligent solutions and cloud-based systems enable remote management of access data and facility reservations across different locations. Learn more about how NineSmart Solution revolutionizes access control and facility management!

Smart Access Introduction: