Business Scenarios of Access Control System and Human Resources System – Property Management

access control systems

We have already discussed the benefits of integrating access control systems and human resource systems in logistics and construction companies. In this article, we will explore this integration in property management. 


Residential buildings, as a widely accessible location, have become a prime target for intelligence development. Smart access control systems use various access modes, such as cards, QR codes, passwords, face and fingerprint recognition. Therefore, the residents can access more conveniently while it is easier for security guards to identify the occupants. This increases the safety of the building. To manage access to designated areas, access control systems can be installed at gate entrances and exits, clubhouses, each floor and the parking lots. Mailboxes in the building can also be managed via this system. To implement intelligent management, the system records the time of residents picking up packages and restricts non-residents from accessing mailboxes. When managing a large number of visitors, it can be overwhelming for the management personnel to verify their identities one by one, leading to potential security risks. However, this system allows residents to share smart passwords or time-limited QR codes with visitors, reducing the waiting time and improving overall security.


In addition to residents and visitors, security guards and management personnel also need to access various building areas through the system. By integrating the access control and the human resources systems, the identity of guards can be verified and all patrol data can be recorded, ensuring the building safety. The management company can use the human resources system’s scheduling function to deploy manpower and set employee access rights, like allowing them to enter the building with only the QR Code from the HR App during working hours. Security personnel can also record patrols through the system and check in at different patrol sites using the related QR codes. These records can be viewed on the HR app, thereby having more efficient management and preventing false patrol reports from lazy employees.


To manage the residents and verify the individuals’ identities effectively, the property management companies should expand their current access control systems due to the frequent access in the residential buildings. Integrating access control and human resource systems can improve overall management efficiency, particularly in managing employee patrols and attendance records.