Why is the IoT restricted? Security risks trigger a crisis of confidence.


The outbreak of the pandemic has not only altered people’s traditional working patterns, but has also accelerated the global digital transformation process. In the business world, the concepts of cost and time are both important, and enterprises are very active in pursuing and applying innovative technologies to enhance their competitiveness. Nevertheless, the development of IoT is still slow, due to the significant security risks associated with this technology.


Top 10 IoT security vulnerabilities

With the widespread application of IoT in various fields, precision, convenience and security in every industry have been improved. Though the emergence of IoT has solved a number of issues, it has also raised serious safety concerns. 

As the Internet and IoT are closely related, there are some security risks that need to be addressed, including hacking and misuse. Considering sensitive data is collected, processed and stored by IoT devices, any information breaches can cause disastrous consequences. 

In addition, there is no unified standard for IoT, so security protocols and information security management systems vary between each system. Along with the increasing number of connected IoT devices, more information is being shared. Meanwhile, traditional defense methods can no longer effectively address all vulnerabilities. 

According to “Open Web Application Security Project”(OWASP), the top 10 security vulnerabilities include:

  1. Weak, guessable or hard-coded passwords
  2. Insecure network services
  3. Insecure ecosystem interfaces
  4. Insecure data transfer and storage
  5. Insecure default settings
  6. Lack of secure update mechanism
  7. Lack of device management 
  8. Lack of physical hardening
  9. Use of insecure or outdated components
  10. Insufficient privacy protection


NineSmart is at the forefront of IoT security

Despite the fact that current IoT technology is not perfect, continuous improvement in its security infrastructure can lead to unlimited market development and more possibilities for future society. 

Building a secure and trustworthy IoT architecture, NineSmart prevents malicious cyber attacks by adopting AWS services with high-security standards. AWS provides a one-stop solution for DDoS protection, network security, automated vulnerability management, comprehensive compliance status viewing, and secure management of IoT devices. This enhances data security by ensuring all the data collected in IoT is encrypted. 

NineSmart has extensive experience in setting up and operating AWS cloud systems. AWS is being applied in all large-scale IoT projects’ data management systems, which make us a leader in data and management in the industry. NineSmart also proactively provides information security training to clients, teaching employees to handle data properly and setting multiple restrictions on internal access in case any data breaches occur. 

We have already entered the era of the Internet of Things. Before planning to connect various devices, do you have a sufficient understanding of the importance of data and information security? To enhance the security protection level of IoT, contact NineSmart specialists now!