[IoT Applications] Unmanned Co-working Space Solutions for Logistics Operators (Part 3)

IoT, co-working space

In the previous article, we discussed how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help businesses connect various hardware and a mobile app, along with smart booking, smart lockers, and cloud-based access control systems, to achieve unmanned self-service access. This article will introduce the benefits of IoT solutions, how they assist co-working space staff in remote management of access, bookings, and facility usage data, and how to optimize co-working space operations.

Simplifying Co-working Space Usage through Smart Booking

Our IoT solution features a smart booking function, which provides members with a convenient booking and payment process through a mobile app. Members can easily reserve co-working space or other facilities using the app without having to visit the site or go through cumbersome phone booking procedures. The app has an intuitive user interface, allowing users to easily choose their desired time, facilities, and services, and complete the payment process with common electronic payment methods. This optimization makes booking and payment faster, more convenient, and seamless, increasing user satisfaction.

Increasing Co-working Space Utilization through Self-service Access

IoT solutions enable 24-hour, unattended self-service. Using IoT and cloud-based QR Code access control systems, members can enter shared workspaces during their reserved times without relying on staff support or restrictions. This unmanned service makes co-working space usage more flexible and convenient.

Members can use their personal QR code in the mobile app and unlock and verify by scanning the QR code. This automatic verification system reduces reliance on staff and saves labor costs. At the same time, the self-service verification method improves the efficiency of the entire co-working space usage process, allowing users to quickly enter the office space and save valuable time.

Smart Booking Saves On-Site Human Resources

Smart booking and mobile apps make the booking and payment process more convenient for members. Members only need to open the app, choose the desired facilities and time, and complete the booking process. The online electronic payment feature allows members to pay without cash on site, greatly reducing the manpower and time needed for handling cash and accounting. Managers can view member statuses and adjust facility usage in real-time in the management backend, ensuring that the number of facility users does not exceed the limit during the same period.

Smart Lockers Enhance Personal Item Security

Our smart lockers increase the security of personal item storage. Members can reserve and pay for smart locker usage through the mobile app, and unlock the locker using a QR Code. Our IoT solution eliminates the security risks associated with traditional locks and keys, preventing unauthorized use of others’ lockers. This increases members’ trust and satisfaction with co-working space.

Intelligent Lighting Control Saves Electricity and High Electricity Costs

Our smart lighting control feature can prevent energy waste and additional costs caused by long periods of unattended use of lighting facilities. This energy-saving application is environmentally friendly and also saves costs for businesses, improving the sustainability of co-working space.

Results of IoT Solution Implementation

Our IoT solution has successfully addressed various challenges faced by clients. Applying IoT technology not only improves user experience but also saves human and material costs for co-working space, reducing unnecessary expenses and waste of electricity resources. In the future, as IoT technology continues to develop, unmanned shared workspaces will become an increasingly popular choice for more businesses, providing users with more convenient and comfortable office experiences. To learn more, please stay tuned for our latest articles or feel free to contact NineSmart.