[IoT Applications] Unmanned Co-working Space Solutions for Logistics Operators (Part 2)

IoT, co-working space

As mentioned in the previous article, our clients need IoT technology to enable seamless, unattended access by connecting different hardware devices and a mobile app, along with smart booking, smart lockers, and QR Code access control systems. This article will introduce our IoT solutions and their advantages, and share how our solutions optimize the operational model of co-working space.

IoT Solution

Our clients have successfully implemented innovative IoT solutions and cloud-based QR Code access control systems, which have significantly improved the operation of their new co-working space. This solution not only simplifies the booking and payment process but also maximizes convenience and efficiency through automated cloud-based access control and intelligent device management.

QR Code Cloud-Based Access Control System

Our IoT solution introduces a QR Code cloud-based access control system for clients, and IoT controllers are installed at all entrances. Members only need to show their personal homepage QR Code in the mobile app to the scanner, and authorized users can freely access co-working space or facilities. All member access records are automatically synchronized to the admin panel, including the number of entries, time, user status, and other data, and reported in real-time to the admins.

Mobile App

Co-working space admins can more effectively manage member and facility information in the cloud backend. Members can select facilities on their mobile phone, make reservations, and pay with tokens or electronic payments to obtain a time-limited QR Code. During the specified time slot, members can freely access facilities with this QR Code. Reserved facility records will be displayed on the mobile app’s homepage, and members can also inquire and book other facilities through the app. The management backend can update members’ booking status in real-time, allowing admins to easily grasp the usage of the space and ensure the smooth operation of co-working space.

Smart Lockers

Members only need to reserve and pay for locker usage fees through the mobile app, and then they can unlock the locker by scanning a QR Code. Members can easily and securely store and retrieve items. At the same time, co-working space admins can view smart locker opening records in the cloud backend. If a smart locker has not been opened for a period of time, such as 24 hours, the admins will receive a notification to open the smart locker, clean up, or contact the user to retrieve their personal belongings.

Smart Lighting Control System

When members enter the facility, the lights will automatically turn on. According to the preset system settings, the lighting facilities will automatically dim or turn off 10 minutes after the reservation time ends, saving energy and reducing costs. This intelligent adjustment method effectively solves the waste caused by unoccupied lighting facilities for long periods. At the same time, when the reservation time has passed, the automatic dimming of the smart lighting control can kindly remind users that their reservation time is over, and they need to leave the room as soon as possible.

IoT can help businesses achieve unattended self-service access by connecting different hardware devices and a mobile app, along with smart booking, smart lockers, and QR Code access control systems. The next article will introduce the advantages of applying IoT solutions, such as how they assist co-working space staff in remotely managing access, reservations, and facility usage data, and how they optimize shared workspace operations. For more information, please stay tuned for our latest articles or feel free to contact NineSmart.