NineSmart Launches Upgraded Version of Smart Residence with Modern UI Design to Enhance Living Experience

September 6, 2023, Hong Kong – NineSmart Limited, a Hong Kong property technology (PropTech) solutions provider, is proud to announce the showcase of its latest enhanced version “Smart Residence”, a contactless access and booking solution for residential complexes at the 3rd International Property Management and Procurement Expo (PropEx 2023) in late August. 


Resident App for Booking, Unlocking Facilities with Smart Intercom Feature 

Smart Residence consists of a user app for residents and a cloud-based admin panel for data management and permissions setting. The revamped user interface (UI) with a modern and minimal design optimizes the user experience (UX) flow, enabling residents to reserve and gain access to facilities with even simpler procedures. It allows for generating temporary QR codes for visitors and, on top of that, includes Smart Intercom feature that enables two-way communication between residents and visitors through a Smart Kiosk and the app.


NineSmart Provides Customizable & Modern UX/UI Design Services

“Among the high competition in the market on similar residential apps, we have been questioned about our competitive edge,” said Lucas MO, co-founder and chief operating officer of NineSmart. “Our in-house R&D and UX/UI design team collaborated to upgrade our Smart Residence app. We recognized the high demand for UI design standards among organizations and property management companies, despite the limited options available in the market. NineSmart has successfully filled this gap by providing customizable and modern UX/UI design solutions. This has helped enhance brand images for projects with varying positioning.”


NineSmart has been involved in various projects including co-working spaces, residential complexes, and modern hotels to help streamline property management procedures that reduce frontline staff workload, facilitate self-service access which can enhance security level by recording visitors’ identity and setting access permissions. Visit for details. 


About NineSmart

NineSmart is a Hong Kong property technology (PropTech) solutions provider. We focus on leveraging IoT technologies that help enterprises and property management companies streamline access management efficiency, facilitate self-service operations, and enable remote data management, resulting in saving human effort and operational costs. 


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