DIY Formula ONE team-building event

We hosted a memorable team building event last Friday called the DIY Formula 1 Team Building Event. This event brings us together as one, unleashing our imaginations and problem-solving abilities through collaboration.

From the moment we split into teams and received the tools and materials, working side by side, began the daunting task of micro racing. Not only does this team activity require close teamwork, it also encourages us to think outside the box and find innovative solutions together.

There was excitement and friendliness as our various crew members carefully assembled the car. Team members all contributed their skills and knowledge. This process has deepened the understanding of each other, and at the same time strengthened the tacit understanding of the team.

The event is coming to an end, we gathered together, and this team building event has also come to a successful conclusion. The impact on us is obvious. Through this event, we have successfully established an efficient internal communication environment and strengthened team communication skills.