[Cloud-based QR Code Access Control] Self-service Entry and Booking System for Gym Rooms (Part 1)

Gym room

The rapid development of technology has brought about unprecedented conveniences and changes. Today, cloud-based access control systems, QR code sign-in systems, and online booking systems have become the standard configuration in various industries. They not only improve efficiency but also bring unprecedented convenience to venue managers, including gym rooms. 

Our client operates chain gym rooms that offer fitness equipment and classes. They have opened 5 branches in Hong Kong within a year. With the expansion of their business, they needed a booking system that would allow coaches and their students to easily book class venues and record student attendance and sign-ins, as well as a cloud-based access control and booking system backend to monitor the reservation and access status of the gym room.

Challenges in Operating Gym Rooms 

Operating a gym room presents multiple challenges, one of which is the time-consuming manual booking and sign-in record-keeping. Traditional manual recording of student attendance is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. The Smart Access cloud-based access control and booking system provides a convenient way for fitness coaches and their students to enter the gym.

Self-service Check-in at the Gym Room with QR Code

Fitness coaches only need to scan the student’s QR code in the Smart Access mobile app, and the app will display the student’s information for identity verification and automatic sign-in. Fitness coaches do not need to distract themselves with admission procedures, and there is no need for extra staff on-site to handle sign-ins. This allows fitness coaches at the gym rooms to focus more on providing individualized training guidance for students, enhancing the overall teaching quality. 

Using the App to Record Students’ In/Out Times at the Gym Room

Since each student’s training plan may be different, complex billing calculations make it difficult for gym room coaches to accurately calculate each student’s payments. However, with the Smart Access cloud-based access control and booking system, fitness coaches can record sign-ins for students in the Smart Access app by sliding a button, with each slide counting as one hour of class. 

This solution helps improve the gym room’s sign-in management and further assist student management. By tracking student attendance and providing attendance reports, coaches can better manage student attendance and course settlement through the booking system, and follow up according to each student’s actual needs. 

Cloud-based Backend Management of Students’ Data

Another challenge is how fitness coaches can ensure that the number of students using the gym room facilities at specific times does not exceed the limit. The Smart Access cloud-based access control and booking system solution can manage the number of students using the facilities at specific times. By scanning QR code with the Smart Access app, the system will record the member’s sign-in record, including the number of entries and exits, time, user status, etc., and all access records will be automatically synchronized to the management backend. 

Coaches can manage student data on the cloud backend and can also view and download all sign-in records. In this way, fitness coaches can better understand student attendance and make more accurate course arrangements.

Downloading Reports from the Cloud Backend

The Smart Access cloud-based access control and booking system solution has a cloud backend management system, including a dashboard with an overview of sign-in records. Fitness coaches can manage student data here, as well as view and download all sign-in records. This data and reports help fitness coaches perform more comprehensive data analysis, gain a deeper understanding of the students and the situation of gym room classes, and discover potential problems and areas for improvement.

Cloud QR Code Access Control & Booking System

The Smart Access cloud-based access control and reservation system provides a comprehensive solution for fitness coaches and gym rooms. It not only improves efficiency and reduces manual errors but also provides valuable data analysis to improve teaching quality. The next article will introduce the benefits of the Smart Access cloud-based access control and reservation system solution for gym room users, sharing how our solution achieves self-service access and optimizes the user experience. For more information, please stay tuned for our latest articles, or feel free to contact NineSmart.