[Cloud-based QR Code Access Control] Self-service Entry and Booking System for Fitness Centres (Part 2)

Fitness Centres

As mentioned in the previous article, our client, who operates a few fitness centres , needs a cloud-based access control and booking system to simplify the check-in process for students and greatly reduce the risk of human error in handling data. Fitness coaches can focus more on teaching, follow up with students according to their needs, and provide better teaching experience. This article will continue to introduce the advantages of the Smart Access cloud access control and booking system solution for fitness centres to manage members through the cloud system.

Booking Systems for Self-serve Access by QR Code

New members of the fitness centres can register online and scan the QR code to access the main entrance or unlock doors of specific rooms. Smart Access cloud access control and booking system does not require cumbersome on-site registration. The trainees only need to complete membership registration online and fill in personal information, and they can start using the facilities and services of the fitness centres and enjoy the fun of fitness anytime, anywhere. This not only facilitates the joining of new members, but also enables the fitness coaches to manage member information more effectively. 

Smart Access cloud access control system can provide self-service in and out functions. Members do not need to wait in line, they can easily enter the fitness centres by scanning the QR code generated through the booking system, which also reduces the labor cost of the fitness centres and smoothen gym users’ experience. 

Fitness Centres Appointment Management

In the Smart Access booking system, members can choose different facilities provided by the fitness center, such as different sports equipment, training areas, etc., and can also reserve the facilities you want to use as well as the date and time to ensure that there is enough space, equipment, and time when you arrive. 

Moreover, the booking system will ensure that there are not too many people booking the same facility at the same time to avoid time collisions. In order to ensure that the environment in the fitness center will not be overcrowded, the Smart Access booking system also has the function of controlling the number of people and time. Administrators can set the duration of each session and how many people are allowed for each appointment to ensure that every member can enjoy using equipments in fitness centres comfortably. 

Fitness Center e-Payments and Tokens

We also provide an electronic payment system and a token plan. Guests can pay through the booking system without worrying about cash renewals. They can also pay for fitness membership fees in advance, making members’ fitness plans more worry-free. In addition, if the customer cancels the order or asks for a refund, our system also provides a token refund to the guest, so that members can easily use the token to book the next fitness class or pay for other facilities.

Fitness Center Cloud Backend Management

Smart Access solution includes a cloud backend, where admins can monitor fitness facility bookings, usage rates, and user status, etc., providing fitness center admins with more effective data support so that they can better adjust the use of fitness facilities situation, and optimize course arrangements to improve member satisfaction.

Smart Access cloud access control and booking system solution provides members with a brand new, digital fitness experience. From registering a member, selecting facilities, making an appointment, paying fees, and even entering and leaving the fitness center, everything can be done on the phone. This solution can help fitness center admins manage fitness facilities more effectively, reduce labor costs, improve management efficiency, and thus improve the operating efficiency of the fitness center. What are you waiting for? Contact NineSmart now to learn more about our booking system and enjoy this new smart fitness management experience.