IoT patrolling solution

Complete Patrolling Task with NFC Technology

Smart Patrol is an all-in-one patrolling solution that enables security guards to scan checkpoints and report abnormalities through the mobile App. Property staff can review the real-time patrol status in the cloud admin panel.

Smart Patrol App

Task List

View details of routine and urgent tasks assigned by the admin.

Routine Patrol

Access task details, including the time schedule, location, and patrol route, before starting the patrol.

NFC Detection

Record patrol time for each checkpoint by placing the mobile phone near the NFC tag.

Incident Report

Upload texts, photos, and videos to the incident report when abnormalities occur.

Task History

View task details, such as the start time and finish time, for completed tasks.

Admin Panel


Real-time Patrol Records


Add or Edit User Information

Patrol Checkpoint

Create & Edit checkpoint

Inspection Item

Create & Edit Inspection Item

Task Management

Create & Edit Patrolling Task

Task Record

Review Task Status

Incident Records

Review all Incidents Records


Publish News & Notifications

Product Advantanges

Smart Patrol
makes patrolling and inspection smart

Instead of using the traditional patrol probe, property staff can simply place their mobile phone near the NFC tag to record the patrol time.
In case of abnormality or hardware malfunction, staff can upload supporting photos and videos to the incident report for further actions.

Smart Patrol
enables easy rostering and efficient property management

Property officer can allocate both routine and urgent task to staff in the admin panel according to their availability.
Officer can also monitor the real-time incident report and take appropriate measures once abnormality is identified.


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