NineSmart Solution (NSS) latest demo video released

NineSmart Solution

NineSmart has released a new video showcasing the new features of our NineSmart Solution (NSS). Head over to our YouTube channel to watch it.

Smart Access Cloud-based Access Control System (QR Code Access Control)

With the Smart Access app, you can use your profile QR code to unlock doors in various locations such as offices and public spaces. You can also choose to use a tablet device as a scanning device or unlock doors remotely through the app’s sliding button or NFC card.

Smart Residence

Smart Residence is a mobile application that applies IoT (Internet of Things) technology to control the facilities of a residential building. It allows you to open the main entrance of the building, access smart mailboxes for residents (Smart MailBox), activate elevators to residents’ floors, connect to smart intercoms outside the building’s main entrance, and even book facilities in the clubhouse (Smart Booking).

Learn more about how our smart solutions and cloud-based systems enable remote management of access data and facility reservations for different types of properties!

Smart Residence Features:

Smart Residence Introduction: