NineSmart 參展 Build4Asia 2024

NineSmart is now part of Build4Asia, the leading platform for the latest innovations in the..

[Build4Asia] 與 NineSmart 共同探索 PropTech 地產科技的最新發展

NineSmart will be participating in Build4Asia 2024 from May 8 to 10. At the trade..

迎接繁榮昌盛的 2024 龍年

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon 2024, NineSmart extends our warmest wishes to..

NineSmart x Introv 迷你倉管理與 QR Code 自助出入方案

Are you often burdened with tedious leasing tasks such as sales exploration, contract management, and..

NineSmart 推出 Smart Residence 優化版著重現代化設計提高住戶體驗

September 6, 2023, Hong Kong – NineSmart Limited, a Hong Kong property technology (PropTech) solutions..


These past few months have been a journey of growth, collaboration, and innovation as we..

DIY 一級方程式團隊建立活動

We hosted a memorable team building event last Friday called the DIY Formula 1 Team..

NineSmart成功舉辦的研討會 - 探討雲端和智能技術在地產科技的創新應用

The seminar titled “Speeding into Property Innovation: Powerful Cloud & Smart Technology” took place last..

介紹NineSmart Solution (NSS) 的最新功能及方案演示短片

NineSmart has released a new video showcasing the new features of our NineSmart Solution (NSS)...

強大雲端和智能技術 實現全方位智慧物業管理

Introduction The right prop-tech solutions help you replicate optimized workflows for growth. We all know..