NineSmart 參展 Build4Asia 2024

NineSmart is now part of Build4Asia, the leading platform for the latest innovations in the..

[Build4Asia] 與 NineSmart 共同探索 PropTech 地產科技的最新發展

NineSmart will be participating in Build4Asia 2024 from May 8 to 10. At the trade..

迎接繁榮昌盛的 2024 龍年

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon 2024, NineSmart extends our warmest wishes to..

Smart Booking 讓預約變得輕鬆

In today’s fast-paced world, booking has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, traditional..

利用 PropTech(地產科技)解決方案提高校園的安全性和效率

These challenges can be addressed through the use of PropTech on school campuses in the..

PropTech 解決方案:簡化會所的進入流程,增強會員體驗

PropTech solutions are revolutionizing clubhouse operations by addressing manual booking processes, member identity verification, and..