Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Improve your customer journey and eliminate manual effort

Provide a comprehensive solution for staff to automate business processes such as booking facilities, registering events, granting access, checking in and more. 

Suitable for various scenario

No matter your place is self-service or has a receptionist, VMS can help eliminate the administrative workload and smoothen the verification.

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Visitor Management System

Six Modules – Free to choose whatever you need

Why you need Visitor Management System (VMS)? 

Personalised website
layout for branding

Website images, banners and text content can be uploaded to the admin panel to showcase the brand image

Enable self-service for
unmanned business

Visitors can register, make reservations, pay and access the location by themselves to simplify the process

Reducing manpower
through automation

Automate the process can reduce paperwork and manual data entry mistakes

Optimize utilization &
control capacity

Manage real-time booking and access records let you know how many people are using and which areas are underutilized

Avoid data leakage &
ensure security

Implementing data encryption enables you to protect the security & privacy of your guests and employees

Integration for

Support API for 3rd party software integration & customised IoT solutions to fit into your environment.

What can you do with VMS?

Where can you use Visitor Management System?

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