Smart Display
Smart Display

Display Module – Smart Display

Show booking status & room availability

Give quick overview of available rooms and increase your efficiency of your meetings with meeting room display tablets.

Make room management easy

Get complete solution with Booking Module – Smart Booking to manage your workspace. It can instantly let you know the real-time room availability and quickly find the room you reserved.

Smart Display - Booking Display
Booking Display - Smart Display

Avoid unnecessary interruption

People can easily see who has booked the room and and when is available to use outside the meeting room without disturbing ongoing meetings.

Maintain brand consistency

Add logos, select colors, and upload background images to match company branding. Use any tablets that fit well into your environment.

Smart Display

What can you do with Smart Display?

Smart Display

View real-time room status

Find reserved rooms easily

Smart Display

FIt into your workspaces

Smart Display

Work well with Smart Booking

Smart Display

Improve user experience

 Where can you use Smart Display?

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