Safety comes first

NineSmart technical team pays serious attention to the importance of data and system security. All processed data is being protected by series of security measures to prevent data breach and leakage.


Our local controller database is encrypted by AES algorithm and contains no sensitive data. We provide end-to-end data encryption between server & local controller. 

The QR code has TTL (time-to-live) and it is only valid for a certain period. Offline QR code is also fully encrypted with AES algorithm to maintain a robust security protocol.


All network connections are encrypted in transport layer in order to facilitate privacy & data security and prevent data breaches.


We put emphasis on the authentication layer security to protect API and database access. Our cloud server and database are fully protected by VPN for better protection on data privacy.


Our Smart Access mobile app is compatible with TouchID and FaceID function. In addition, our mobile app, NFC & QR Code do not contain any sensitive data.