QR Code Access Control - Smart Access

User App + Admin Panel + Minimum Hardware

Smart Access is available in annual subscription model for use of software – user app and admin panel. Stable network by LAN provided client is recommended for smooth operation. A basic hardware set for operation is a must, including 

  • NineSmart IoT controller – connect scanner & admin panel via network 
  • QR code scanner – install on wall for scanning QR code & data sync to panel 
  • Power supply

Hardware & Installation

License Options

Perfect Balance to Cater Staff & Visitors. 

Suitable for companies that require digital access card (app) for staff or club members. QR codes with limited access time can be generated for visitors, or disabled via the app or admin panel to immediately disable access permission. 

$1,688/ Year

5 Active Users
500 Visitor QR Codes
Max 1 door 

Basic Features

$6,888/ Year

100 Active Users
10,000 Visitor QR Codes
Max 5 Doors

Basic Features


Auto Refresh Profile QR Code

Announcement with Push Notification

$12,088/ Year

400 Active Users
40,000 Visitor QR Codes
Max 10 Doors

Basic Features


Auto Refresh Profile QR Code

Announcement with Push Notification

Basic Features Include

Smart Access App
– Profile QR Code
– Create Visitor QR Code
– Created QR Code Record


Web-based Admin Management System
– User Config Setup
– NFC Card Binding

– Attendance & Access Report

More Options

Advanced features
Scan QR Code by App
Remote Unlock Door
Company Logo
Offline Mode
API Integration
API Documents
Setup Tutorial
Online Support
Contact Us
Integrate with 3rd Party System
Access to Multiple Facilities
Smart Booking/ Lockers
Smart Lighting/ IoT Solution
Extra 50% of total license fee per year
Smart Booking Web App
e-Payment or tokens
QR code for check-in or access
Check all booking records
On Request
Self check-in or check-out
Display basic info for verification
Show check-in status
Check all access records

Request for Quotation