Smart Display

Smart Access Display

Smart Access Add-on

Another QR code scanning option for Smart Access

Install tablets outside entrances that can scan QR code and display info such as user profile, welcome notes, event details or room reservation status.

Self check-in for effective people flow management at peak hours

People are moving around – to office, school & events. Except QR code scanner, Smart Access Display is another option which can show check-in status on a screen for quick verification. 

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What can Smart Access Display do together with Smart Access?

Smart Access

Scan QR code for verification

Self-service check-in/ out

Show status – success/ fail

Smart Access

Display user basic info

Support Multiple entrances

Scan QR code for attendance

Staff, students or visitors can point their QR codes at the Smart Access Display tablet- on the welcome page- to scan for check-in or check-out.

Display basic info for onsite verification

With QR code scanned, basic info like user name, number or photo can be displayed for instant verification, either with/ without onsite staff support.

Show check-in status

Success notice will be shown on Smart Access Display with valid QR codes scanned. If not, fail notice will be popped up for further actions.

Display welcome message, event details or reservation status

Except showing check-in status, Smart Access Display allows change of messages on screen. It can be “Welcome”, “Reserved”, event details or today’s schedule of a room.


Collect access data of various sites

Smart Access Display can be installed at multiple locations i.e. campuses, gates, classrooms, function rooms etc. All access data will be synced to ONE admin panel for easy management.

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Smart Access Display

Where can you use for self check-in with Smart Access

Smart Booking Smart Access

Co-working Space & Office

Smart Booking Smart Access

Property Management

Smart Booking Smart Access

Mini Storage & Warehouse

Smart Booking Smart Access


Smart Booking Smart Access

Education Centre & School

Smart Booking Smart Access

Medical & Clinic Chain

Smart Booking Smart Access

Youth Hostel & Motel

Smart Booking Smart Access

Events or Outdoor Area

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