API Integration

QR Code Access Control

Legacy systems with hardware that organisations are using might not be compatible to nowadays cloud-based system. Most likely no API is available for 3rd party systems integration – this is a big obstacle for digital transformation. 

NineSmart provides APIs – Smart Access API is available for 3rd party software integration including HRM, CRM, ERP, booking system, smart lighting and more, for customised IoT solutions to fit into your environment. 


2.1 Get api info

GET /api/v2

Response {
  status: 1,
  data: {
    ts: 1632372880,
    application: "Smart Access",
    version: "2.2.6",
    message: "Welcome to Smart Access"


Our consultant can provide advice on whether your legacy systems, existing hardware and database can be reused. Partnership and new project collaborations are welcome. 

NineSmart has implemented customised cloud-based QR code access control solutions for a few new co-working space, mini-storages, construction sites and general offices. Any businesses that involved lots of visitors can leverage our Smart Access to enhance business operations. 

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